How Importent Is Web Content Quality To You?

by admin on January 20, 2009

Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to look around the Web at various sites as I please, a pleasure I seldom get to enjoy.  In addition, as Best SEO Copywriting is expanding, we’re looking for quality writers either trained in optimized copywriting or wanting to be.

Both activities have led me to wonder.  As SEO specialists, copywriters and gurus, we tout how important grammatical, proper content is to site visitors.  We explain that error-filled, keyword stuffed, stilted web content can actually turn people away.  

Yet there are many sites out there with just that: god-awful writing, full of spelling errors, misplaced punctuation and the like.  More are showing up every day.

As a business owner, while searching for writers I found many that spoke of “years” of copywriting and SEO work.  Very seldom did I choose them, due to continual spelling and grammatical errors.  However, they do have a business, which means people do hire them.

This brings me down to the nitty-gritty; the end of the line; the pièce de résistance; the question which burns in me:  

I am, first and foremost, the Editor in Chief of our writers.  I look over everything before it reaches the clients.  Has my profession ruined good content for me?  In other words, is the content actually well-written and my editor’s mind just over reacting?

And – oh horror of horrors – have I passed up great writers?  Or is it really bad web content and visitors really don’t care?  Or is it really bad web content, visitors move on, but the sites get enough sales that they don’t care?

These questions keep me awake at night, trying to fathom them out.  So here, in an attempt to dispel my sleepless nights, I ask you to respond.  

How important is web content quality to you?  If you go to a site where the content is poorly written, do you stay?  Is there specific thing about web content that causes you to click away?


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