The Copywriting Handbook of Useless Facts

by admin on July 1, 2009

As the admin of Best SEO Copywriter, I don’t get a chance to blog as much as I’d like.  “Time is of the essence” and all that.  However, during the quiet moments, I think about information I’d like to share with you, from things on copywriting to keywords, blogging and more.  This time, I thought I’d pass along two or three useless (or not so useless)  facts I’ve come across along the way.

1.  Ever live in Kansas?  I spent a few years in Topeka and never knew the piece of historical ground I was living on:

Back in the late 1800s, just before the Civil War, Kansas – and more specifically Topeka and Lawrence – was the site of so many wars and minor skirmishes that the New York Times coined it “Bleeding Kansas”.  Pro-slavers and abolitionists fought it out for almost a decade, each side attacking the other in a series of increasingly violent acts of retribution, in what is now considered the prelude to the Civil War.

The violence even spread to our nation’s capital.  During a meeting of the Senate, a pro-slavery senator attacked and publicly caned an abolitionist senator on the Senate floor.  Why?  Because the abolitionist chastised the pro-slaver for supporting the violent activities in Kansas.

Interesting additional fact:  According to city-data (fantastic resource if you need to know about cities, by the way), Topeka’s historical tornado activity is 184% higher than the U.S. average.  Makes sense why Kansas is the location for Dorothy in “Wizard of Oz”, doesn’t it?

2.  Ever thought about going to the Moon?  The time may be closer than you think.  During the past ten to twenty years, scientists have been working on the development of carbon nanotubes.  These CNTs have tons of possible uses and a fantastic range of properties; one of these possible uses is an elevator to the Moon.

Originally, nanotubes weren’t strong enough, so scientists were looking for other possible materials.  Recently, however, they figured out how to make these little nanotubes even stronger.  Basically, carbon is turned into a smoke that can then be woven into a fiber, and that fiber is now strong enough to handle the 144,000 miles length NASA needs for that impossible space elevator.

What gets me is that they (scientists, reporters, NASA) say, “It won’t be possible for AT LEAST a decade”.  They make it sound like forever, but the fact that it could happen in our lifetimes at all – well, I think it’s fascinating.

Visit our favorite, occasionally wrong, encyclopedia, Wikipedia, for more information on nanotubes.

Articles on the space elevator at Times Online and Physorg

3.  Ever liked the look of cats, but liked the personality of a dog?  Enter the Savannah cat, stage left.  This hybrid breed was created in the mid 80s, becoming extremely popular (and infamous) in the late 1990s.  Created by Judee Frank, Savannah’s are a mix of African Servals and domestic cats.  Even to the fifth generation, these feisty felines are larger than a regular domestic.  They happily walk on a leash, play fetch and prefer jumping in a bathtub to chasing a cat toy.  They’re extremely friendly, talkative and playful.

If you want one of these beautiful animals, however, it’s going to cost you.  Due to the rarity of the breed, it could cost as much as $3,000 or more.  In addition, many states and/or cities consider Savannahs to be exotic pets, and thusly prohibited.  You can get a hefty fine for owning one of them.

More information on Savannah’s can be found at HDW Enterprises.

I hope you found these facts as interesting as I did.  I’ll add to them as I have the time, so keep an eye out for a part II!


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