The Copywriting Handbook of Useless (But Fascinating) Facts Part 2

by admin on July 8, 2009

Note To the Readers: I’m changing the title of the series to Fascinating Facts.  It occurred to me that “useless” is less exact.  You may not be able to use the information, but for me, this stuff is just plain cool!

I like to write more than just regular articles for my clients, unless they specifically ask for “the norm”.  Because of this, I search through more pages on the Internet than most people do in a month.  Most of the time it can be somewhat boring and a little hum drum.  Today, however, I came across something while researching for a real estate client that completely flabbergasted me.  In fact, I’ve spent the past hour looking for more information and thought – “You know, the readers just might find this as neat as I do!”

This building trend is sweeping the nation and the world.  More than 32 million web pages have appeared in the search results about it.  Now, I’m still in the first 100, so I don’t know how many are completely relevant, but that’s still a LOT of pages for one topic.  The topic has been on CNN, CBS, The New York Times, even The Oprah Winfrey Show.  For those of you that know what it is, shush – everybody else, get ready to grin:

Tiny houses

Now, this isn’t just small houses, this is tiny houses.  As in 1,000 square feet or less, down to 69 square feet.  If you do a search on Google for the term “tiny houses”, you’ll find 32, 500,000 pages of information.  First on the list is “Tumbleweed Tiny House Company” owned by Jay Shafer, who sells plans for houses from 69 to 839 square feet.

Now, you may be imagining a little hovel, but these micro-homes are far from what I pictured when first reading about them.  The “Epu”, as Jay has named it, is just 89 square feet – 8’ by 15’.  In that little bitty space, there’s a porch, main room, kitchen, bathroom and loft for a bedroom.  It even has a mini-fireplace and desk.  You can buy the house, already built for $43,000 and have it brought to you, or buy the plans for a little less than $1000 and build it yourself for less.

These fascinating homes have all the benefits of any home, but also fully utilize every inch of space.  It’s simple, it’s minimalist and for Jay Shafer, it’s home.

All Photos by Jack Journey, Copyright Tumbleweed Tiny House Company 2008

If you think these teeny homes are exotic, you can visit Design Boom to get a view of small houses around the world, including the world’s narrowest house.  It’s only 1 meter long in the front, barely wide enough for the front door, but somehow manages to have two living rooms, a kitchen, bathroom and three bedrooms.

If you’d like to read about tiny house living, add the Tiny House Design blog.  The writer, Michael Janzen, is currently building a tiny house with pallets and other discarded materials.  This definitely gives hope, in my mind, to homeless individuals and families, who might be able to copy and use the design or some form of it.  Michael isn’t an architect (although he is a designer), but is still managing to create a micro-home with 90 square feet of space.  If you go to his blog, don’t just eyeball the home page.  It’s some fascinating stuff, so click around!


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