What You Buy When You Buy Blackhat SEO

by admin on July 17, 2009

To the time and money saving website owners, looking to hit the heights of search engine -dom with a little bit of blackhat SEO:

Do you have any idea what you’re paying for?

Hey, look.  As a website owner, I understand.  As a business owner, I understand.  Even as an optimizer – hey, I get it.  You have investors, maybe, knocking at your door to find out where the hell their money went.  Maybe you have this brand new, fresh off the presses website and you want to get SEEN.  NOW!  I get it.

Today, though, looking through one of our blogs I found over 540 cases of spam and thought – maybe… just maybe… YOU don’t get it.  Have you seen the quality of comment spam today?  Here’s an example, with the links killed but still highlighted (I refuse to let the links go through):

“Seldon skittered esomeprazole nterprises became xanax words flew oxazepam support module valacyclovir hidden creaturesroxicet had milked flomax said you claritin the sophotecti synthroid tana touched lipitor eynac had macrobid set grass diazepamexpression fleeted plendil downhill into anusol request from hashish your job prozac few folk glucophage leaned back enalaprilmade connection lps.”

This isn’t even an advertisement.  It’s not even legible.  It’s… well, to be blunt, it’s crap.  If the purpose of sending out this stuff is to grab linkbacks, ranking, traffic, etc (which it is), my question is this: What site owner would allow this as a comment?

This is what you’re spending your money on!

Now, if you go surfing around this blog or our sister blog at Level343, you’ll probably notice that we have branded ourselves as “white hat” optimizers.  Proudly, at that.  I, personally, have made no secret of how much black hat techniques irritate me.  They make me downright emotional and uptight.  So, you’re probably thinking that, of course I’d want you to use white hat techniques because that’s what I sell.  You’re wrong.

First, black hatters give optimizers in general a bad name.  Because of these people, Google watches SEOs like a hawk.  Second, the whole “Internet experience” is diminished by the countless numbers of single article submissions (i.e. one article to 100 sites), article spinning, link farms, link baiting and keyword-stuffed content.  Third…

People, I’m a copywriter by original trade.  There are lots of us out there, making a paycheck by writing good, informative content.  Researched content.  Where do we do most of our research?  On the Internet.  We’re the people that scan through hundreds of pages on one search phrase, not just the top 10, to find what we need.  You know what we find most of the time?

Computer hardware is the insides of a computer. Computer hardware covers hard drives, motherboards, cables, videos cards, etc.  A good computer hardware store will sell pretty much anything that covers your computer hardware needs.

How informative.  How brilliant.  How useless.  Again… this is what you’re spending your money on.  The money you’re trying to save or make by going to these companies.

So please – be nice to the search engines and your visitors alike.  You don’t have to hire us – that’s not what this blog is about.  However, if you’re going to hire an optimizer, do yourself, your business, your clients and the world a favor and hire a legitimate SEO company.  We’re out there and we want to help.


Admin – Preserving Internet and Content Quality for the Good of Mankind

Thus ends my official rant for the day…


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Victoria Kamm December 7, 2009 at 5:42 pm

THANK YOU! I try to debunk these scams at every possible opportunity. I tell companies there are no magic bullets. Sigh.

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