Copywriting Pathways: Sharon Gray and The Art of Nourishment

by admin on July 22, 2009

For a woman who spends her days poking needles in her clients, Sharon Gray came across as an amazingly sweet and caring lady.  As we talked, she impressed me with her bubbly spirit and almost Zen-like qualities.  Although I live in Missouri, if I ever need an acupuncturist and help with dietary health, she’s the one I’ll go to!

Born just outside of Greenville, Maine, thirty-five-year-old Sharon Gray grew up in a place where there were no streets; her first school had one room and two students.  From an early age, she was taught the value of nourishment and appreciation of how that nourishment came to be.

By all accounts, a pretty normal, albeit simple lifestyle framed her formative years.  In the early nineties, however, an illness struck the young Sharon that gradually changed and strengthened the focus of her life.  “There were points in time,” says Sharon, “that I could barely leave the house.

“I spent the better part of two and a half years in bed, and several more recuperating. Being ill was upsetting, of course, but any discouragement I felt soon began to fuel me in my true healing process. I became determined to heal myself.””

Sharon started reading and explored different methods of healing.  She became devoted to true nutrition, trying, cooking and tasting several types of food.  As time passed, however, the devotion to her own health turned into a passion that surpassed self.  Curiosity evolved into a wide search for more information.

Of her path towards turning her studies into a profession, Sharon says it was more of a progression than something planned.  Although she started with independent studies, her path took her into eight years of undergraduate study and then on to her masters.  Even there, however, she didn’t take the “normal” route.

“I started with Western Nutrition, but as I got deeper into my studies things started to click together.  I realized that Western philosophies just didn’t fit with what I had come to understand about health and nutrition.”  She switched studies to gain her Masters of Acupuncture because of the nutrition aspect.  “Everything I learned, all the different modalities, went together to form a complete picture for overall health.”

Once the business was started, Sharon states, “the real education started.  Getting my name out there was rewarding and challenging at the same time.  It has tested areas, skills and character I didn’t know I had.  Finding colleagues to connect with is a constant experimental process, constantly evolving.  But,” she continues, “what I went through was so profound to me that I needed to share it.  My whole business is about inspiring people to help themselves.”

I was overwhelmed with the obvious fact that this woman loves what she does.  I was fascinated by the joy and down-to-earth manner in which she expressed her experiences and the feelings about her business.  Really, I wanted to find out how she managed to keep that joy when many business owners are worn down by the “rat race”.

“It’s all about balance.  Don’t let your work overcome your life or vice versa.  You have to trust yourself and be creative.  Don’t fall into the box others try to put you in.

“People told me that what I wanted to base my business on wouldn’t go anywhere.  If I had listened, who knows where I’d be.  It’s not about having the same structure as someone else because that’s what ‘works’.  Follow your heart.  Do what you enjoy.  Do what you love.”

Now, Sharon Gray is a licensed Acupuncturist in Seattle, Washington, running her business, The Art of Nourishment

.  She has a Bachelor’s in Food Science and Human Nutrition, as well as several hours of volunteer and internship work under her belt.  She provides her clients with a gentle blend of acupuncture and nutritional support to create overall good health and well-being.

She’s following her own advice, with a healthy balanced diet of work and play, nutrition and good health.  Most importantly in my mind, she’s managed to find the “thing”, the balance that is so essential to a good life.  Happiness.

(Legal Disclaimer:  At no time did Best SEO Copywriter and/or subsidary or parent company receive payment, in any form, from Ms. Gray or her business for this article, nor did she or her business offer any payment.  The information contained is unbaised and truthful to the author’s best knowledge.) If you would like your business to be featured in Copywriting Pathways, please read Following the Pathways of SEO Copywriting.


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