A Study of Twitter and Traffic

by admin on July 30, 2009

Social media – it’s a beautiful thing.  One of the great things about running three sites and being tech geeks is the fact that we can test any social media outlet that comes along at our leisure.  When Facebook popped up, we signed on.  When LinkedIn became popular, we added our profiles.  Oh yes, we did.

As Best SEO Copywriter and Level343, you can find us on Technorati, Digg, MySpace, Facebook and LinkedIn, to name a few.  I personally have 20+ social media accounts, constantly testing them, tracking the affects, seeing what works (and what doesn’t).  And then there’s Twitter.

Now, Gabriella and I both get a chuckle out of some of the terminology.  Tweeple, tweeps… is it tweeting?  Twittering?  Twitting?  We laugh at some of the links and tweets that come across the line and happily pass them on in RT.  I mean, we may get a grin, but we’re active (Gabriella more so than I, but that’s business development).  However, the affects of using Twitter are nothing to laugh at.

Not too long ago, Gabriella was pushing me.  “You have to be more active on Twitter, Jahnelle.  You have to be engaging.  You need to get out there and MEET people (tweeple!).”  This is why she’s the CEO.  She tells it like it is (and gets down right pushy sometimes).  So I listened and I started really paying attention with an eye toward what works and what doesn’t.

As the administrator of Best SEO Copywriter, I went on Twitter under @jrpittman and started tweeting.  If I saw a link I liked, I RT’d it.  If I saw an article I liked, I posted it on the board.  If I read a tweet I liked, I looked up the person to see if it was a stray post or if they were really interesting and then followed them.  In the meantime, I started posting again on the Best SEO blog.

Now, I haven’t had much chance to be an active blogger, so much so that blog hits had dropped down to less than 100 a month.  Rather embarrassing.  As a control, I posted a blog once a month and left them to sit.  I wanted to see how much traffic would come in if I did nothing but post.

Each time I posted, I managed a whopping six to seven readers.  People, even the spiders didn’t want to visit.  Over that three-month period, the hits rose to a little less than 200.  Now, granted, I got a few visits coming in from the search engines, but not enough to justify the time it took to write a blog.  So, control group:  three blogs, three months.

Fast forward to 6/25, when I posted “Writing for Your Website Visitors”.  That day, I received a whopping four visitors.  On 6/30, as Gabriella suggested (told), I tweeted the link with a short little blurb.  In one spurt, I had over 20 unique visitors and 250 page views.

Some of them came and left shortly after.  However, 15 of those visitors stayed to read and look around on the blog, while others read, subscribed to the feed and left.  The number of spiders rose as well.  The next morning, as June closed out and a new month began, I had 168 visitors for the month (50+ what had been showing the previous months).

Since then, I’ve written five posts.  Each one, I waited a few days before sending out over Twitter.  Yes, I got 5 to 10 unique visitors per post, so my readership was building, but slowly.  However, once Twitter picked them up, I went from 20 hits (derived from the very first tweet on 6/30) to a continually rising amount of hits.

Here are the final stats from June:

Visitors: 168

Page views: 500

Spiders: 213

Feeds: 388

Top days: none

The final stats for July:

Visitors: 340 (up 102.4%)

Page views: 1830 (up 266%)

Spiders: 2195 (up 930.5%)

Feeds: 615 (up 58.5%)

Top days: 7

Top days for unique visitors: 6

Top days for page views: 4

I’ll let you know how August goes!

The moral:  Eventually, your blog may grow so big that you won’t have to tell people you’ve posted something.  Until then, however, they have no way of knowing there’s something interesting out there unless you tell them.  Twitter is a great way to do that.

Now, most of my tweets aren’t for Best SEO.  Many of them are links to other sites and articles.  I fully believe in giving the followers I have value for their time, including RTing the links they’ve posted that I like.

Twitter shouldn’t be an ego platform.  So, don’t read this blog and decide that you should focus your tweets around your own stuff.  Give value for value, send out your posts when you have them, and enjoy the climb up!

Blog stats courtesy of the Statpress plugin – thanks Statpress, and thank you Twitter!


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USASEOPros July 31, 2009 at 10:55 am

Congrats on sticking with Twitter AND following up and measuring the results and analytics. We always see a big increase in traffic following a new blog post and subsequently tweeting about it. We’ve also have some good success with StumbleUpon – more so than Digg.

And you’re very right about ego vs. value. Twitter is a perfect tool for having conversations, learning and listening. It isn’t just for broadcasting. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff down the road!

admin July 31, 2009 at 4:04 pm

Thanks for the comment and good to see you here instead of just on Twitter! :) I haven’t checked StumbleUpon, so I’ll be sure to try it out next. If you know of any others, I might start building up a list. Thanks again for commenting and I hope to see you around!

Ching Ya August 2, 2009 at 9:05 pm

Gabriella is the lady! Gotta love her uplifting spirit. ^^
I think none of us would have guessed that Twitter could be anymore help in blog traffic rather than a time-sucker (at first). I see amazing results ever since started, what makes it so great is the networking that people have on it. It’s a microblogging platform, period; but it’s the socializing that creates the momentum. Keep up the good work, Jahnelle.

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Health-Info-Tips February 11, 2010 at 3:01 am

I’m a member of twitter but never got serious about it. Why? Well, I thought it’s full of noises and moreover I could see some tweeters keep blasting their posts every 5 or ten minutes interval……goodness gracious…..so much spammings!!!. That’s how I left my twitter account unattended for quite some time now. But after stumbling upon your interesting post, I think it is indeed a useful tool afterall judging from your statistics. Thanks for the post….it brings some sense to me now.

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