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Note To the Readers: I’m changing the title of the series to Fascinating Facts.  It occurred to me that “useless” is less exact.  You may not be able to use the information, but for me, this stuff is just plain cool!

I like to write more than just regular articles for my clients, unless they specifically ask for “the norm”.  Because of this, I search through more pages on the Internet than most people do in a month.  Most of the time it can be somewhat boring and a little hum drum.  Today, however, I came across something while researching for a real estate client that completely flabbergasted me.  In fact, I’ve spent the past hour looking for more information and thought – “You know, the readers just might find this as neat as I do!” [click to continue…]


As the admin of Best SEO Copywriter, I don’t get a chance to blog as much as I’d like.  “Time is of the essence” and all that.  However, during the quiet moments, I think about information I’d like to share with you, from things on copywriting to keywords, blogging and more.  This time, I thought I’d pass along two or three useless (or not so useless)  facts I’ve come across along the way. [click to continue…]


Men With Pens – Blogging Expert Gets Blogged

May 11, 2009

  Mostly Canadian, mostly men, Men With Pens is “known across the blogosphere for smokin’ designs, rockin’ content and killer business sense.”  Of course, that’s all on their blog…  Whether they’ve put an extra spin on it or not, however, if their blog is any indication of skill then they’ve definitely earned the title of [...]

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You, The Avid Author

January 28, 2009

You have written so many things: poetry, prose, flash fiction, short stories, novellas, novels and even an essay or two. There was the time you started a short story on World War I and you did so much research on the subject, it became a non-fiction history. What about when you saw that prompt for [...]

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Following The Pathways of SEO Copywriting (Join in the Fun!)

January 9, 2009

SEO copywriting can be fun and interesting. To be a good copywriter, especially for optimization, I believe it’s essential that you know what you’re writing about. If you’re lucky, you already know the topic. If not, it means research.

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