What Is Copywriting (How Can It Benefit You?)

"If a picture can paint a thousand words, the right copy can paint a masterpiece."

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting in its purest form is simply writing any type of advertising copy for any type of promotion. The radio advertisements you hear are scripts written by copywriters, as well as the television ads you watch, the sales ads in the newspaper and the promotional letter you received in the mail last week. In every area of business that involves reaching customers through language, copywriters are there, pen in hand.

The Benefits and Uses to Your Business

Copywriting is a skilled industry; not everyone has the talent, training or time. It's a mix between writing, journalism and marketing, among other things. However, it eventually all comes down to money. What is it that copywriting can do for your business that makes it worth what you pay out?

* Advertising

If you have a product or service launch, especially one that you've spent a lot to achieve, you can't afford for it to fail. The right advertising - the right copy - can make or break your launch, or even your business. A skilled copywriter will be able to take the information about your product, your business, and market research results and write the copy needed to reach your target audience.

From the same set of information, some of the things a good copywriter can give you include:

  • Sales ads for print or online
  • Landing pages
  • Product descriptions
  • Introductory offers
  • Mass email letters
  • Script for radio, television or video ads

* B2C Communications

The glory about copywriters is that a great one is flexible enough to write for whatever you need. Do you need a FAQ sheet written with associated links? How about a well thought out press release?

Remember that every time your words are read or heard by the consumer, you're giving them an impression. You want to give a good, lasting impression; you want to exude confidence and trust. A good copywriter can provide you with:

  • "Verbal" branding
  • A marketable approach to your customers
  • A friendly "voice" for written communications

* Web Presence

Many business owners create a web presence for no other reason than because other people are doing it. They don't realize the full potential of the global reach they've stepped into, or the opportunity to really reach their customers.

With this in mind, here is an excerpt from Michael Martine, a well known blogging coach and consultant:

"If you were going to pay for a Yellow Pages ad in the phone book, wouldn't you want to make sure it was listed under the correct subject heading so people could easily find it?

Of course you would. That makes perfect sense, doesn't it? And wouldn't you sadly shake your head over a business colleague who failed to do this at all or failed to do it right and wasted a bunch of money and effort? We're such great "armchair quarterbacks," aren't we?

You would be even further flabbergasted if your colleague told you with a straight face that getting into the Yellow Pages was a bunch of B.S. and that people who did that sort of thing were scammers.

Let me show you what the new Yellow Pages looks like:

To read the rest of Mr. Martine's post, click here: Is WordPress SEO Just B.S.?

So now you're in the phone book...

What every webmaster needs to understand is that your entire website is your Yellow Pages ad. Included with your website are any blog posts, articles, forum postings and anything else that spreads your link across the Internet. Copywriters who understand how to write web content are extremely important here. A web content copywriter can: Create the content on your website to match the purpose and design of your online business.

  • Help build a personal website community through the written word in the form of informative, interesting articles.
  • Help build you and your business as authorities in your proper niche through article submissions, on-site articles and informative blogs.
  • Add in the SEO...

    SEO copywriters provide content directed toward your targeted audience through the use of researched, relevant keywords and key phrases. To put it simply, SEO copywriters bring visitors to your website and keep them there with strong content.

    Not everybody has the time or inclination to write the necessary content for your website. That's what Best SEO Copywriter does; that's why we're here. We write your content so you don't have to.