Blue Ribbon Dog Grooming

From the mangiest mutt to the prettiest princess, dog grooming could make or break you at the big dog show. The first impression is the most important. If the cut is wrong, a judge will most likely dismiss your dog without another glance. Now the competition is over, you're extremely upset and what does that judge know anyway?

This all could have been avoided with the right groomer. In most cities, plenty of people claim to do professional dog grooming. Don't be fooled, however. This doesn't necessarily mean they've had any kind of training. Call around; a professional groomer will be happy to talk to you about the different styles and techniques they might use to make your baby beautiful. They'll know the standards for different breeds and be well educated on show guidelines.

Most dogs require a certain size blade for specific cuts. An American Cocker Spaniel will need up to seven different blades depending on length and style. A lamb trim is very different from a masquerade trim. This can sound discouraging and overwhelming to you, but for a groomer, it's their bread and butter.

All breeds require some additional grooming. Maybe they need to be brushed daily so no damaged hairs are left in the coat, or bathed regularly. Trimming the nails is a very important part of grooming. Don't do this at home; you can easily hurt your dog. Clipping the nail too short will cut the quick and make your dog bleed. This can be a very serious and unhappy experience for the both of you. A groomer will know how far to clip each nail including the dewclaw, and be prepared for any situation.

Dog grooming should always be done by a professional. Good groomers will have their own dog kennel and the right equipment and facilities to handle even the most uncooperative guest. Usually, if you ask, you can see the exact dog kennel where your buddy will wait his turn. Now you can drop them off knowing that they're in good hands.

Grooming can be a very stressful process, which can cause problems if an animal becomes too frazzled. Hair will lose its luster or even fall out. A professional will be able to ease your pet's mind, along with your own. Expectations will soon be exceeded when you see how beautiful your furry friend has become. Never again will you try the do-it-yourself method. No more butchering your poor puppy's hair while he shakes nervously on the table, or clipping his nails slightly too short. Now you both have a new best friend.

There's only one thing left to do. Make those judges take notice. Go back to the show and present your baby with your head held high. If you're proud and he's proud, the judges will take notice and feel it in your presence. You have a beautiful blue ribbon baby, and he's number one in your book.